Fasting for Fast Results


Here is a collection of pictures I’ve accumulated over the years that show what kind of shape you can get in through the medium of strategic fasting coupled with exercise. My workouts are unique and include a lot of cross-body patterns.

I utilize a blend of tools like kettlebells, Indian clubs, gadas and other implements that have a specific focus on the core like the TRX suspension and Rip Trainers, BOSU, medicine balls, pull-up bar and gliding discs. Plus, I use the weight of the body to it’s fullest advantage.

Over the course of my career, I’ve developed my training protocols to produce highly efficient results that not only improve core strength, but also definition, mobility, flexibility, injury prevention, boosted brain function and longevity.

I use a blend of high intensity and slow tension techniques in my workouts that everyone is capable of doing over time with progression. Although some people see me workout and think they’ll never be able to do what I do, that’s not the case. I meet everyone where they are and progress them from there.

Here are some samples of my work:


Gut Health

Mental Health


Daily Life

And More

Video Podcast

This is where I conduct interviews and talk shop with world-renown doctors, scientists, specialists, practitioners and fellow fitness professionals. We cover such topics as fasting, gut health, mental health, diet, daily life and more.

I also do a weekly show called “X’ with my good friend and film producer, Doug Orchard, as well as do interviews with brands that are clean and have a positive message.

All of these videos are educational, engaging, thought-provoking and fun.

Firing Squad 2.0

If they don’t get the “Killer” K/Rail Seal of Approval, then they get destroyed.

Have you ever bought a food, beverage or product because you were told it was healthy or it was advertised as such? But later you find out it had bunk ingredients in it? Simply put, you were duped by slick marketing and sketchy business practices.

The good news is, I don’t play that game! In this video series, I go through the weeds and do a thorough investigation on the “healthy,” trendy products out there and make sure that they actually ARE clean and free of any contaminants that pose a threat to your body.


If they aren’t, then they earn themselves a trip to the Firing Squad and I deal with them accordingly. This is where you’ll find my reviews of the products you need to know are NOT good for you when you think they are.

If they don’t get the “Killer” K/Rail Seal of Approval, then they get destroyed. But worry not! I always leave you with a healthy alternative that IS of good quality.