Restorative Coaching

Restorative Coaching

Fitness/Fasting/Nutrition Coaching:

I help people make behavioral changes related to fitness, nutrition, fasting, diet, weight, stress, health and life issues. The skills and knowledge I’ve accumulated over the years on fasting, fitness, weight loss, human connection and problem solving are second to none.

I offer a unique service that can really help people get into the best shape of their life, both physically and mentally. I create an entire game plan for you to follow and hold you accountable every week.

- Fasting for fast results -

Here is what the full Fitness/Nutrition Coaching process looks like:

We start with a 60-to-90-minute first session where I help you create a wellness vision, which is where you actually want to be 9 to 12 months down the road. Then we set up key motivators, locate obstacles that can get in the way and devise strategies to get past those obstacles.

Next we create 3-month goals and weekly goals. We then follow up each week for 30 minutes to go over your short-term goals, discuss some problem areas you may have had and set up a new set of weekly goals.

You also get daily communication with me through text, email or Messenger. This helps when you are in need of advice on such things as what to order at a restaurant, how to decode an ingredient label on an item at the grocery store, or you just need some quick words of encouragement on fasting.

All of this combines together to help reduce the effects of aging and even reverse the aging process in the best of cases.


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